Elena Gritzan is a magazine writer, fact checker, and editor based in Toronto.

She's the assistant editor at Broadview, the oldest continuously published magazine in North America. Her work has appeared in The WalrusReader's Digest and NOW. She also copy edits and takes photographs.

She graduated from Ryerson University with a master's in journalism in 2016. While there, she was chief copy editor at the Ryerson Review of Journalism. She also has a bachelor's degree in chemistry and psychology from Trinity College at the University of Toronto.

She's written about paranormal investigationexotic pets, and a mysterious disease threatening to wipe out North America's bats. Her RRJ story about health journalism won an AEJMC first place student writing award.

Previously, she edited Demo, U of T's music magazine, and worked for The Varsity, where she was an associate science editor. She wrote about underground Canadian electronic music for Silent Shout from 2013 to 2017.