Bat patrol (UC Observer; Reader's Digest)

One of nature's least loved creatures is in crisis — and we could all end up paying the price

Ghost whisperers (UC Observer cover story; Reader's Digest)

Do the dead remain among us? Paranormal investigators are determined to prove with science rejects, Christianity scorns — and half of Canadians believe.

Instagraf (The Walrus)

Photographing Toronto's graffiti before it's too late

Single and satisfied (UC Observer)

In defiance of social expectations, many mid-life adults have chosen to go it alone — and wouldn't have it any other way

Waste not (UC Observer)

This jar contains one year of the Johnson family's garbage. A growing movement of 'zero-wasters' is urging the rest of us to start talking trash.

Healthy Skeptic (Ryerson Review of Journalism)

André Picard eschews the hype, pandering and pseudo-science that plague his beat



Carbon copies (UC Observer)

As scientists tinker with the human genome, TV series Orphan Black reveals the duplicitous side of cloning

Scientific Method (RRJ)

A personal reported essay on the experiences of scientists-turned-journalists

Yawn-worthy Coverage (RRJ)

Feeling sleepy? In case you couldn't tell from your Twitter feeds, it's daylight saving time again

Chris Hadfield enthralls Con Hall (The Varsity)

Packed audience treated to space stories and advice from Canada's most famous astronaut



Blue Hawaii find their freedom (A.side)

We talked to the Montreal duo about technology, relationships, and feeling like spies

Cassette revival (The Varsity)

Toronto's first Cassette Store Day is a step forward in the renewed interest of a supposedly obsolete medium